What Do I Need?

The following list has some basics of what the majority of lenders may need in support of a finance application. Gathering some of the items that relate to you, can save some time in the application process:

  •   Pay Slips – Covering last 3 months with most recent no more than 4 weeks old, preferably with “Year To Date” figure on them. (PAYG applicants)
  • Last PAYG Summary (Group Certificate). (PAYG applicants)
  • Last 2 years Tax returns (Full copy) and Tax Assessment notices. Generally after the 31st December, the Banks require the tax return that is only 6 months old. (Self employed applicants)
  • Letter from Employer on letterhead and confirming base salary and any regular overtime/bonuses. (PAYG applicants)
  • Evidence of rental income, if you have an investment property.
  • Letter/notice from Centrelink for any benefits you receive.
  • Letter/notice from Child Support Agency.


  • Signed/accepted copy of the Offer and Acceptance for the purchase of a property. (Full copy of contract)
  • Shire approved plans/species/building contract/builders insurance, if you are building.
  • Last 6 months statements for any loans being refinanced.
  • Evidence of 5% genuine savings with statements covering the last 3-6 months.
  • Guarantors details, including details of additional security offered.
  • Copy of insurance policy on all security properties being held by the Bank, prior to settlement.
  • Identification (Drivers Licence, Passport, Medicare, Other Bank Cards).

If you don’t have all of the required documentation, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss different lenders criteria and requirements that may be able to fit your circumstances.photo





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